Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Black Legion ☆1937 Movie Trailer☆

Oh, those violent men! Their violence has wrecked havoc on our world since Cain slew his brother. They pursue the proceeds of incessant drudges-while raping and pillaging and frequently murder is their ultimate game
Throughout history, men manipulate violence as effortless as breathing. Occasionally, they exhibit a desire for backup, those that are disposed to aid in messages of power and violence.
These cowards can't operate alone, divesting their confidence in an army of men advocating fear--voila, the creation of the gang hurls its way through history.

Gangs started innumerable aeons (Homer used aeon to indicate a lifespan) ago, and they will linger on our earth until our sun emits its last rays of life. From the mercenaries ravaging countries in the middle ages to the average pharmaceutical representative selling on their neighborhood corner, persistently ravaging our cities today--these atrocious gentlemen commit such vile actions for one reason, because they can!

Our story begins with Frank, full of rage for losing a promotion. His compulsion requires an urgency to attribute his failures to the flawed human race. An immigrant holds the promotion he hungered for, and now growing feelings of vengeance and hate are replenishing the love once held in his heart.

He joins the Black Legion whose hatred for those pesky immigrants match his own animosity (their slogan should say: "We're children of immigrants, yet we hate all the huddled masses swarming from across the pond" or words to that effect), but along the way, he discovers these radicals aren't playing around.

Humphrey Bogart appears to give a wonderful performance, displaying his excitement in joining the gang, and subsequently disclosing,  through his sadness and terror, the eagerness to escape and the difficulty in departing from this brutal faction.
The movie trailer includes hooded gang members, violence against women, racism, prejudice, pillaging, regret, violence, secrets, hate, fireside chats about murder and drama, drama, drama.

I can't envision a desire to watch a movie about gangs in hoodies drunk with hate and power from the 1930's, so I'm giving it a big thumbs down.

Here is review from the 1937 New York Times:

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