Thursday, August 20, 2015

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 film)

If I were a war enthusiast, I could see my brain rustling up an interest for this movie based on the trailer. The explosions would have been fantastic for movie goers at that time. Film making was still in it's infancy 85 years ago, and talkies had started just a few years earlier.

I love the statement from the soldier with a plan to avoid war by putting those in power in a field to fight with clubs, instead of making millions of soldiers do it for them. Something I believe people of today could go for this, and our husbands and sons could stay home safe with their families.

I've read the book, so I know this is a story full of sadness and depression, and waiting in the trenches with a canary--dying from cold, disease and the enemy's gas. Though, many men during the war were glad to get away from the dreaded factories, and couldn't wait to enlist--they may have regretted it later.

Based on the trailer, I would give this a thumbs neutral--I might check it out on a sad rainy day, though the quality of the film leaves much to be desired. I wish everyone before World War II watched it and taken all the horrors to heart, and maybe they would not have been so quick to start it all over again.

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