Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ah, Wilderness (1935 film trailer)

The trailer promises the movie is "the greatest soul thrill of our lives." I'm concerned this promise may prove deceptive, since watching the trailer proved my soul thrilling aspirations may not reach the same heights as the trailer predicts.

The story transpires in a small town or suburb, though I assume the title represents the chronicles of a young boy's transforming into a young man, and the mental wilderness he must trek through.
One scene shows a woman (prostitute?) in his lap forcing her lips on his without any reluctance on his part. Apparently, his fling exposed aspirations for increased contact, and suddenly he's appealing to his girlfriend for a kiss, which shocks her to her core, and forces her to say a resounding no.

There's a generous amount of actors employed in this film, including Lionel Barrymore and Mickey Rooney, though unlimitled actors couldn't save this film.  The story doesn't interest me, nor the characters (plus, let's not forget the soul thrilling letdown), and I believe boredom would consume each second I forced myself to watch. I give this a confident thumbs down!

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