Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anna Karenina ☆1935 Film Trailer★

Two people commit the same unforgivable social faux pas in 19th century Russia, though one is completely shunned by society, and the other one keeps their standing in the community.
What did the unfavorable person do to lose their position by all those forcing their judgments and mores? Her one unforgivable transgression--she was born a woman, and throughout history men were forgiven or revered for the same actions which destroyed the opposite sex.
Poor Anna's no exception to this sexist rule, and when she leaves her harsh, unloving husband for her lover, she must endure the hardship of living without friends--no one will allow her into their home, and if she arrives at a public event, the whispers and intolerable glances will drive her away.

I've read the book in the distant past, and the haunting sadness is carried over to the movie. Greta Garbo portrays Anna and her sorrow is felt each time her haunted face appears on screen.

Tolstoy created a monster in Anna, and the only way to destroy the character he brought to life--her death by suicide.  She threw herself under a train, and the problem of what to do with Anna was instantly solved to everyone's satisfaction.

Feelings of sadness, repress my desire to watch another movie where a woman's power is nonexistent, and her struggles to survive are overpowered by crushing defeat, and for this reason I've designated a thumbs down for the film, though I believe it's an excellent, flawless movie.

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