Saturday, September 5, 2015

Born To Dance ☆1936 Movie Trailer☆

Jimmy Stewart was a man of considerable acting skills, and appeared in countless movies which are highly regarded in the industry. Twenty eight years old in 1936, he acted in eight movies that year, including The Thin Man, and thus we have the problem with Born To Dance, and to sum it up, I ask, "what was he thinking." The thought of Jimmy Stewart singing and dancing in a musical feels quite puzzling, and unbelievable. I might not protest so hardily except that he's terrible at singing--something he admits in a later interview (video below trailer).

The problems don't end with his performance--the concept of the story revolves around a sailor and a tap dancer, and she's gotta dance, which disappoints him (he may have wanted her home in the kitchen). I believe Powell was a well loved star in the thirties, though she's not a name I recognize.

The trailer offers the development of several love interests, though any enthusiasm, to satisfy my urges, to watch the romance in this movie are nonexistent. Expand this mixture to incorporate extravagant show tunes-- singing, dancing, countless men playing tubas, and scene after scene of exaggerated smiling--this movie recipe doesn't interest me in the least.
100% thumbs down!

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