Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bullets or Ballots☆1936 Movie Trailer☆

Suit Up would surpass the title of Bullets or Ballots--a universe where the entire race of men (except the average police officer) wears a suit and a fedora. This creates the complication of discerning the good guys from the bad. 
The men appear quite clonish (a word that I've created, meaning the propensity to be a clone), because each man repeatedly appears similar to the next man. At the time, the audience had the ability to differentiate this problem--after 79 years that knowledge is lost to us me.

The scenes from the trailer, present groups of men in cramped rooms, exhibiting immense anxiety disorders-- screaming at each other furiously. Several state they're the boss of the mob, but it's difficult to understand if anyone is indeed in charge. 

I would ask if it's worth the angst and high blood pressure--meanwhile happiness is but a fleeting thought? 
How could people live this way? Why not relinquish the futile frustration and move to a ranch in Montana, where children and cattle can be raised, and live happily ever after? 

After watching the trailer several times, I realized that the movie simply deals with the major issue of organized crime, and the true story (Hollywood's truth) of one man who brought the syndicate down, and not just loud men running amok.

This film receives a complete thumbs down, as I would only watch it for food if I were starving, I received large sum of money, or to save the life of a loved one. 
A film dealing with the mob, made in the thirties, in black and white and containing an insufficient story line, will not be in my immediate future, though the parts showing Edward G Robinson knocking down grown men, with the effort of a child, are quite humorous.

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